Welcome to my website!

If you are looking for iron decor that is unique, elegant and of extremely high quality, you have come to the right place.

At a time when we are inundated with factory-made products from afar, I offer an alternative… one-of-a-kind handmade iron products. Add colour, warmth and individuality to your home with exclusive iron decor.

Your home, your business, your landscape can be the same as all the others, or it can be the showpiece of the neighbourhood. It can be mundane, with industry-standard materials and design, or it can be a step above, astoundingly beautiful.

Hand-crafted iron decor can set your home, business or landscape environment apart, lifting your surroundings up and above the ordinary, the every-day.

All of my works are crafted using my own hands, my imagination, my soul.

I specialize in creating hand-forged architectural and decorative iron items for your home, office, landscape and I would be honored to create something uniquely beautiful for you.

PO Box 1242, Peachland BC, V0H 1X0.

Phone: 1-250-859-5770

gboyarskyi@gmail.com gboyarskyi@gmail.com